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That was bloody hilarious...it's all true, every part my favourite was the killdryer part...keep em coming!!!


That was f##kin amazing, the graphics were spot on the choice of sound realy made the movie come to life and the plot was well set out. You have given me inspiration

that was bloody fantastic

well done...
it starts off looking simple like its gonna be a flop but it soon grabs your attention. Once again that was bloody fantastic, it must have taken ages to work all that out.

yawn....oh hi

i feel a bit ripped off here. i mean the warning was there before i clicked play movie but being the true daredevil that i am, i couldent help but find out what all the fuss was about. in one line? "not allot". you are very talented at animation but pleeease spare us from your (singing), my dog tried to hide under the carpet.

pyropymp responds:

I didn't sing it, look at the credits. If I sang, you, your whole family, AND your dog will implode.

that was bloody funny!!!

well done,
that was well worth the 427 kb and 15 minutes it took to download on a 56k modem.

seanjames responds:

Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it.

i think you need help

what the hell kind of morbid, depressing story was that?!!!
Newgrounds.com is not the same URL as rotton.com
They were pretty smooth graphics but i think you could put your talent into something not advertising suicide. A lot of kids see the flash on this site and they may not see it the same way as adults.

HeRetiK responds:

newgrounds is not for funny stuff only. it's also a place for serious movies. that's something people call freedom of speech and art.


Gotta be the funniest piece of flash i've seen all week.

that was the funniest shit ive seen all week

That waz da bomb!!!!
Shit i was lauphin my balls off at the end....
Excellent animation, the sound matched perfect and the plot was well thought out.
anyway "keep it key" true dat...

you've got somethin happenin there

OK I have one massive complaint about all of your friggen movies....no make that two complaints, Why the hell arn't they on TV? stuff like this is way better than some of the crap they put on the box.....AND they're so friggen good that they make my cartoons look even crapper than any of that crap that they put on that box i was telling you about.

parks2 responds:

Thanks Badboy17-
You've got some good complaints- although I haven't checked out you cartoons yet- so I can't give an opinion about that- but yeah we should be on TV and we're trying to get there- thanks again!!

hey they were some pretty sweet graphics...

i had to remind myself that i was watching a flash animation during that....
one little tip though....if your going to spend as mutch effort making a flash movie...a better storyline would be good. but in the same breath they are the best grapghics ive seen on this site yet...


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